Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday Morning Gratitudes

YOU--the reader
Me--I'm still alive
GOD--who is merciful
The BIBLE--his word and guidance to us
SONGS--to cheer my heart
A HUSBAND--to share life and protect me and love me
A HOUSE--to keep me dry and warm and safe
FOOD--more than enough
FAMILY--an extended part of me



Sherry Carter said...

Perfect list, Carole! I don't think I can add one more thing. As I read it, my heart broke for so many who are missing some or all of these things. We are so quick to think about these people during the holidays but they live in despair all year round. I'm sharing your blog with a note about this.

Caroline said...

Thanks so much, Sherry!
BTW: would you like to guest post. I'm getting ready to ask certain ones to guest post about 12 things pertaining to Christmas. Can be anything/examples:

12 fav foods
12 fav decorations
12 fun gifts
12 whatever.

You get the gist.
If you're not interested that's fine, but if you are shoot me an email asap so I can get you scheduled! :)

Sherry Carter said...

I would love to! Thanks so much!

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