Tuesday, December 23, 2014

My Sweet Friend's Twelve Things I Love About Winter: from Jamin Baldwin!

I'm tickled pink (or red, purple, whatever!) to have my friend here today. First time on my blog! Read on to find out about HER twelve items!

12 Things I love about Winter
By, Jamin Baldwin

12. Hot cocoa of course!  I like Dark chocolate cocoa and
I always add an extra spoonful of "extra rich" coffee creamer.
It makes it "extra" creamy...

11. The smell of wood smoke in the air and
the cozy crackling sound coming from my 100 year
old pot bellied stove.

10. Wrapping presents. I love buying people gifts and making them look all pretty.

9. Christmas music! Is there anything more wonderful than decorating the house
while Bing Crosby sings "White Christmas"?

8. The first big snow. And with it the prospect of jolly, lopsided snowmen and a good snowball fight.

7.Making memories and carrying on traditions.
Every year my sister and I would make Christmas cookies and hard tack candy
with my Mamal Lou. We would also help decorate her tree.
Even though she's been gone for three years now
we still make cookies and candy and decorate her tree in her favorite color. Purple.

6.Homemade chocolate pudding.
Ever since I can remember we have had a tradition.
the first BIG snow means my mommy makes us
homemade Chocolate pudding and serves it hot!

5.Snow Crème! (anyone else noticing the abundance of sweets?
No wonder I gain so much weight in the winter!)
A little clean snow, sugar, canned milk and vanilla
-- yummy goodness...

4. Crafting. Cuddling on the couch crocheting or quilting a new blanket.
It s moment I love to take and reflect on what a wonderful year it has been
and all the things that the good Lord has brought us through.

3. Babies! January and February is when we expect our kids! (Baby goats)
Walking out to the barn three and four times a day, hoping to find a sweet, new arrival.

2.My birthday. Every year my wonderful hubby takes me on a two day
birthday/valentines day trip to a cabin. He is the best.

1. When its OVER! When you wake up to sunshine and birds singing. the trees are trying thaw
and bud. Your heart breathes a sigh of relief and you think to yourself
"I made it..."

Aren't those heart-warming Twelves?
What warms YOUR heart this time of the year?

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