Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday Morning Gratitudes


  • Katie--her caring, thoughtful ways to share happiness
  • Janeth--how she works at doing a good job in stewardship at church
  • Nancee--she's a marvelous blessing to authors
  • Regina--quick to share her positive likes and comments on facebook
  • Jennifer--quick to share and bless other writers
  • Barbara S.--a wonderful blessing to authors! 
  • Faye--loves my hubby and me and shares generously
  • Claudia--her caring and remembering of a childhood friend
  • Sherry--her faithful encouragement on my blog!
  • Mary--although a successful and popular author, she's generous of her praise and encouragement of authors not quite so well known. 

Wishing for you this year some NEW, wonderful friends and the continuation of OLD, well-proven old ones, too!  Blessings!

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