Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Morning Peace

It Might be Winter. . .

. . . but you can have sunshine in your heart!
Here's a few thoughts that can help cheer 
the winter blues away . . .

* Pass around a few hugs! 
It will bring a few smiles to others' faces
and maybe, your's too!

* Write a review for an author:
Pure gold for them!

* Pray for someone different today.
Yes, we all have our personal lists of friends and family.
This month, make it a point to add someone else. 
Will do them good and possibly you too!

* Try something new and fun this month.
Pick up a hobby or begin an exercise routine.
Take a short trip to relax even if it's the city park.
Have fun!

* Give away something.
Yeah, an extra thank you or an extra nice tip to a clerk, waiter, or server.
Choose something you never use, don't even need, and give it to someone 
as a little pick-you-up gift
or to Goodwill.
Give someone a few minutes of your time with a phone card, 
a thinking-of-you card, or a smile.
You never know what it will mean to the other person!

You'll be blest.
I guarantee it!



Holly Michael said...

Love this post!!! Great thoughts and ideas for passing around a little love on a cold day!

Caroline said...

Thanks, Holly! :)

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