Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday Morning Gratitudes

Today, especially, I want to thank God for a few items precious to my heart:

Mom, the example she's been and the love she's shared.
For showing me it's okay to be strong and determined.
For showing me: God first--always.
For, though at times her thinking was wrong, her heart was always loving.
That God has touched her physically and given me and her an opportunity to share a few more hours, days, weeks.
For helping me--or her, whichever it is--to understand her, or her to try harder to be understood in spite of the hated disease eating at her mind.
To God for giving her a touch of strength.
To God for giving her a long life.
To God, for answering my prayer concerning her.



Sherry Carter said...

Carole, you and your sweet Mom are in my prayers. I pray you have many more precious moments.

Caroline said...

Thank you, Sherry, my friend. Wishing for more time with her, but appreciate the years I've had.

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