Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday Morning Gratitudes

  • For family who loves me, supports me, and respects me
  • A son who has a generous and loving heart
  • Another son who shares his family with me and has grown to be a responsible husband and father
  • A husband who does everything he can to make me happy, who's generous and loving, supportive!
  • Sunny days
  • Physical strength
  • For seeing my cousins once again: Margaret, Lois, Joyce. Gerald, Nancy and Rosemary.
  • For a church family who "had my back," with prayers and love. For all the cards and flowers and gifts and words of comfort. For the excellent dinner prepared. 
  • Thank you, Stewards, for handling all the details. Excellent tiring work, but you did it. 
  • Thank you, Tim, for preparing the picture slide show for us. So many enjoyed it and I can't thank you enough.
  • Thank you, Lauren and Giovanni, for helping pass out the memory papers and the wildflower packets!
  • The beautiful flowers, cards, notes, gifts and expressions of comfort from so many! How priceless. 
  • For Stan and his guidance through it all. You truly are the best.
For how well my mama's funeral came together: beautiful. The right songs sung by the right people.The right ideas to remember.

  • Thank you, Katie, my sweet, sweet friend who always tries to do what I need and want. Your sweet voice was perfect for "Finally Home." Loved it!  
  • Thank you, Justin, for singing "Amazing Grace" for us. It was truly amazing how it all worked out, and I'll be forever grateful to you. So proud of you and your lovely family. 
  • Thank you, my dear friend, Jamin, for suggesting the song, "My Mother's Faith." How beautiful! I loved, loved, loved it. 

  • Thank you, Lloyd, for your beautiful reading of the obituary. I'm so glad you agreed to do it. How wonderful to see you and DeeJay even though it was a sad occasion.
  • Thank you, Brian, for your memory words that comforted my heart and brought back memories I'd forgotten!
  • Thank you, Jamin, for reading my own memory words, when I couldn't. You were perfect!
  • Thank you, darling, patient, precious hubby, who spoke words of joy, comfort and beauty from God's word and your own memories of my mother. I can't ever thank you enough! 

Thank you, God for answers to prayers dear to my heart, for your help and nearness, for your love.

Blessings to all!

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