Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Five Series of Autumn

What are Five of my Favorite Things about Autumn? 

  • Leaves. I love the colors and the crunch
  • Cooler weather. Love being able to don sweaters and sweatshirts, cooler weather clothing
  • Weiner Roasts. Autumn begs for roasted hotdogs and toasted marshmallows, smores for the kids -- big and little -- corn on the cob, the fire warming one side of your body at a time, and old fashion hictory/sassafras sticks
  • Decorating. Love, love, love decorating for Autumn. Wreaths, and lights and colors. Pumpkins, and hay bales, and Crysathemums. Gorgeous time.
  • Desserts and other "Fallish" food I don't eat much through the year. Autumn is the best time to eat certain desserts like pumpkin pies, bringing out the soups, and other cooler weather foods. Who wants to eat soup on a 90 degree day? 
What are your favorite things about Fall?

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Sherry Carter said...

I love the blogs people post during the fall and winter. Gorgeous pictures of changing leaves and snow-covered landscapes. We don't have that kind of climate so I have to enjoy it through others.

I spent today planting beautiful bronze and yellow chrysanthemums in fall colored pots. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some wonderful fall-colored decorations, including the cutest scarecrow couple sitting on a little bench.

Here in west Texas, it's not quite time for hot soup. But the highs are now around 90 deg instead of 100 and the lows are in the mid 60s instead of mid 70s. A hint that crisp temperatures are around the corner.

This Sunday evening is a blood moon and an lunar eclipse. I'm so excited to see God work His wonders. Maybe I'll have a cup of hot chocolate while I marvel at the heavens.

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