Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Five Things I Love About Autumn by Cindy Thomson

I welcome my fellow author and friend, Cindy Thomson today! Be sure to check out her book links listed at the bottom of the page! Now, let's find out what Cindy loves about Autumn! 

  1. Sunshine I have always said that Ohio has the best weather of any place in the month of September (which usually extends into October as well.) The main reason is because there is abundant sunshine and low humidity (most days.) That means the sky is a gorgeous blue that I could gaze at all day long.
  2. Apples. We have a huge apple orchard not too far from our house. People drive from all over to go there, and it’s practically in our backyard. Apple picking is not only fun, it means we’ll have the best, freshest apples that we can only get this time of the year!
  3. Hammock Time. While we use our backyard hammock in the summer, it’s best in the fall when the air temperature is more comfortable and there aren’t as many pesky insects. Nothing better than a blanket and a book on the hammock!
  4. Cozy season. Autumn for me brings an urge to nest, settle in, freshen up the house because we’ll be spending more time indoors.
  5. Pumpkin Everything! I love pumpkin treats from pumpkin lattes to pumpkin muffins. The smell of pumpkin bread or cookies spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg baking in the oven just makes me happy!

Cindy Thomson is the author of seven books, including her newest novel, Sofia’s Tune, the third book in her Ellis Island series, releasing November 1 and available for Kindle pre-order now:

She also writes genealogy articles for Internet Genealogy and Your Genealogy Today magazines, and short stories for Clubhouse Magazine.

Visit her at:
Web site:, on
Facebook: and on

Isn't her cover awesome? I love the dog on there! 


Cindy Thomson said...

I'm happy to hear your reaction to the cover, Carole! That's Luigi on the cover, and he's a character in the story. :)

Caroline said...

All the covers in this series are adorable!

Carol Ann said...

I love all those things about autumn, too! I like the way you describe the feeling of nesting. It is a time of crisp air, beautiful sunshine, neon leaves, and the anticipation of Thanksgiving and pumpkin pie!

Cindy Thomson said...

I agree, Carol Ann. What's not to love?

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