Friday, October 09, 2015

Five Things I Love About Autumn by Jennifer A. Davids

Happy to have fellow author and friend, Jennifer Davids with me today! She's sharing HER Favorite things about Autumn. Be sure to let her know what yours are. AND if you comment, you'll be in her drawing for a FREE kindle copy of her book: BUCKEYE DREAMS!

The Five Things I Love About Autumn by Jennifer A. Davids

Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING – I know, I know, this is a popular one. But, hey, this is the only time of year I can find these babies at my local Wal-Mart. Who, BTW is the only store around here that carries them. My other local stores only carry the huge jugs that need to stay refrigerated. I guess they
think everyone carries around a mini-fridge in their purse. Hmm…I do have a big purse… Anyway, I love these in my coffee but I also love to slip one in my morning oatmeal. Try it. You will love it.

COLOR – How can anyone not love looking at those beautiful trees God paints just for this season? Deep
reds, glowing orange, and yellows that more than stand in for the sun on cloudy days. Every year, my family and I go down to Hocking Hills southeast of Columbus and enjoy all the autumn colors. It’s the perfect way to enjoy God’s creation with the added bonus of walking off the calories we just consumed since we also eat breakfast at Waffle House before heading down.

PERFECT TEMPERATURE – I love that Autumn is cooler. I’m not a fan of summer. If I had it my way, it would be this temperature year-round.  Even where I live in Ohio, it gets hot and the A/C in my house runs for 4-5 months straight. Even though I don’t turn the air down as low as I could, it still sucks a lot of money out of our budget. Autumn gives me the chance to turn off my air conditioner without having to turn on the heat. And later, as fall edges into winter and I do have to turn on the furnace, I love that initial smell of dusty warm air that fills the house.

OHIO STATE FOOTBALL – Oh, come on. I’m a born and bred Ohioan and an Ohio State Alumni. Did you really think this wasn’t going to make the cut? I, and everyone else in Ohio are understandably proud of our National Champions. O-H-I-O!

ACFW – The highlight of my entire year. Except for next year, the American Christian Fiction Writer’s
annual conference is held in September, and I get to see people I only ever see in cyberspace via Facebook or email. I cherish those three and a half days I get to commune with my tribe.

So there are my Five. Is there something else that you love about Autumn that didn’t make my list? Leave a comment and you will automatically be entered to win a copy of my latest book, Buckeye Dreams, in ebook format.

Thanks for joining us, Jen! 


Laurie Bergh said...

My favorite vegetable, acorn squash, ready soon!

Ann Ellison said...

Enjoyed the interview - love this time of year and making pumpkin pies.

Jennifer A. Davids said...

Laurie and Ann thanks so much for sharing your favorite things about autumn. I would like to give both of you a copy of my three-in-one historical romance ebook, Buckeye Dreams. If you both could contact me via the contact page on my website and give me your email addresses and what vendor you would like to use to get the ebook from (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc) I will send it to you. Thanks again and blessings!

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