Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday Morning Gratitudes

Praise from grandsons on my hotdog sauce and butterfinger cake: words to warm my heart! :)
Fun times playing cornhole, cheering my hubby and grandsons on, watching them play at the playground area, and having an all-around good time.
Loving their enthusiasm for the hottub, once home.
Fun times with them getting their belated Easter baskets
Sharing breakfast with our grandboys
Watching grandson Jonathan eat his fruit
Quiet time now--to relax . . . and recover. Big smile.



Sherry Carter said...

You are so blessed to live near your grandkids! Mine are all the way in Pennsylvania. That's way too far from Texas!

What's cornhole? :)

Caroline said...

Sherry, cornhole is a wooden platform with a hole in it. Contestants throw bean bags and keep score. VERY popular around here. The boys loved playing w/gramps. I loved watching them.

And, yes, I can't thank God enough I live close to them (40 mins). I live for the days I can see them, visit w/them, etc. I waited so long to be a grandparent, and am overjoyed at being one now--finally! Lol

Thanks for always being here for me in posting!

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