Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Flag Day! Today!

In the United States Flag Day is celebrated on June 14. 
It commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States, 
which happened on that day in 1777 
by the resolution of the Second Continental Congress. 

* The idea of an annual day specifically celebrating the Flag is believed 
to have first originated in 1885. 
BJ Cigrand, a schoolteacher, arranged for the pupils in the 
Fredonia, Wisconsin Public School, District 6, to observe June 14 
(the 108th anniversary of the official adoption of The Stars and Stripes) 
as 'Flag Birthday'

* Inspired by these three decades of state and local celebrations, Flag Day - the anniversary of the Flag Resolution of 1777 - was officially established by the Proclamation of President Woodrow Wilson on May 30th, 1916

* Pennsylvania is the first state to observe Flag Day as a state holiday
* Appleton, Wisconsin claims to be the oldest National Flag Day parade in the nation
The largest Flag Day parade is held annually in Troy, New York

More Important Facts:
* The week of June 14 is designated as "National Flag Week." 
* The flag should also be displayed on all government buildings. 
 Baltimore, Maryland birth place of the flag that inspired Francis Scott Key to pen his famous poem, has celebrated Flag Day since the inception of a museum on the property in 1927. The annual celebration commemorates the Star-Spangled Banner and its creator Mary Pickersgill.
* The Betsy Ross House has long been the site of Philadelphia's observance of Flag Day.

Treat our flag with respect, honor and dignity.


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