Monday, June 06, 2016

Monday Morning Gratitudes

the awe in children's eyes when they play with sparklers
red, white and blue!
A porch haven
a new grill :)
the first meal from said grill
a satisfactory video of upcoming book
red roses
mother's day gifts of flowers
special speeches


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Sherry Carter said...

We had a vicious hailstorm in Seminole while I was at the Blue Ridge conference. I've been busy with cleanup since I got home. Although my roof will have to be replaced I am so thankful that none of our windows were broken out like many of my neighbors were. I have a few gratitudes to add:

Our roof isn't leaking.
Our windows are intact.
Charlie was driving his company truck when it hit and the windshield shattered but didn't fall in on him.
We have home insurance so the damage is covered.

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