Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Fun Alert Ahead! Adult Coloring Books Recommenndation

I'd love to introduce you to this inspired book and the author. I've recently discovered that coloring is NOT just a children's activity, but can bring relaxation and peace when you need some downtime. Sharon A Lavy's Adult Coloring Books are just the thing. Give them a try!

Sharon A. Lavy's Adult Coloring books! They are creative and fun pages to relax and enjoy. Not thinking you're going to be disappointed in them! Here's some fun pages I did after a recent surgery:
Relaxing and Fun
Great New Craft!
A recent customer review:                                                                                                                               ~~I find the art lovely and the experience of coloring them relaxing~~
Give It a Try!
Go here to check out her various coloring books!  
About Sharon:  Sharon A Lavy lives with her husband in SW Ohio. When not reading, writing, or sewing for her family, she enjoys traveling with her husband in the small plane they call Papa. 
She is best known in the novel writing community, as that German Baptist lady. In the Old German Baptist community she s a dressmaker, a pattern maker, and the sister who writes. 

And in her own mind she s a wife, a mother, and a grandmother, but above all a child of God.

~~ Her greatest desire is to be a woman after God s own heart~~

Sharon has a heart for hurting women, and writes women s fiction. Because when~~it s all said and done~~It s all about relationships.

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