Wednesday, August 03, 2016

I'll Love You Forever!

What makes a true husband?

  • kindness. All men should be kind both to humans and animals. A huge plus!
  • polite. Who doesn't love a man who uses manners like it's second nature to him? 
  • a born champion of the underdog. True, it can get him in trouble, but it doesn't stop him.
  • knows his own mind. Yeah, I love a man who doesn't have to follow the crowd. 
  • well dressed. And I'm not saying expensive clothes. I'm saying, a man who dresses well whether he's working or playing.
  • confident. A man who can handle situations and who is trustworthy when needed..
  • thoughtful, even when busy. Who thinks to write love notes, or pass out a compliment, who picks wildflowers and still holds my hand.

Hubby Brown, I still love you and will . . . forever and forever.

Happy anniversary!

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