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Excited to Introduce Linda Hoover, Young Adult Author!

I'm thrilled to gain a new friend, Linda Hoover, and to introduce this "newbie" author (and that's certainly okay! We all start somewhere.) Her book, Mountain Prophecy, sounds positively fascinating, and I can't wait to read it. Welcome, Linda. Here's her bio:
Linda Hoover lives in west-central Ohio with her husband, daughter, son, grandson, and a LindasProfilecat who thinks he owns the house. Linda earned a degree in psychology at Anderson University where she learned the voices in her head were actually characters from stories waiting to be told. She's also completed a course with the Institute for Children’s Literature and is a member of RWA and ACFW.
Linda's been published in the South Charleston Spectator as well as a middle grade ten-week serial in that same newspaper.
Presently, she's employed by the Clark County Public Library where her duties include young adult services and young adult and Christian fiction acquisition. As a result, she has a very long “To Read” list. In her spare time she writes the stories her voices tell her.
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Now read on, Readers, to find out more about Linda!  

Hi, Carole. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share about my book and myself.

Glad you're visiting, Linda. How long have you known you wanted to be a writer?
I’ve always had stories in my head. From the time I was young I’d get my siblings and friends to be in shows I’d come up with or I’d set the stage for imaginative play. Of course they might have followed my lead because I was bossy, but I’d like to think it was because they liked my ideas. J

I was writing fan fiction in my mind when I was nine. By twelve I was writing my thoughts on paper. It wasn’t until I was an adult that a friend suggested I write for publication. I took a correspondence course with the Institute for Children’s Literature and decided to make publication my goal.

I did the same with ICL! What is the genre you write in?
I write young adult and adult historical fiction. Mountain Prophecy is young adult. Two of the main characters are fifteen and one is seventeen.

How do you spend your writing days?
I work full time so I don’t have near as much time as I’d like to write. I try to have in mind what I want to work on when I do get a chance to sit down. It helps to have a goal for the day.

What is the spiritual message?
Dusty and Darla’s relatives and the other families living in the valley are intolerant of outsiders and each other. They are suspicious and superstitious and have a hard time forgiving. I hope readers will see that God loves all of us unconditionally and wants to work through us to reach others.

Do you ever feel like giving up?
I’ve thought about from time to time. There would be less stress in my life. I’ve gotten lots of rejections from agents and editors and that’s discouraging. It would be easier to quit, but I can’t. I have stories that need to be told. I believe God blessed me with my imagination and I want to use it for his glory.

Amen! Do you have hobbies, special interests?

  • I love to be in my office writing. 
  • Reading is another way I like to spend time. 
  • I always look forward to traveling, especially to a place I’ve never been before. 
  • I also like to cook. I enjoy looking through cookbooks for recipes and trying new things with my family and friends. It makes me happy to have a lot of people around my table. 

Where would you like to travel if you could?
I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to travel quite a bit. I’ve never been to Europe, though, and Italy is a place I’d like to see.

Two places I'd love to visit soon too! 

Book Blurb:
Mountain Prophecy Cover Blurb

Imagine it’s 1918 and your Appalachian relatives are still feuding with their neighbors, still deeply superstitious and still believe in local folklore. Teen twins, Dusty and Darla deal with it every summer when they visit from the city. But this year it’s more serious. Hypnotic music comes from an abandoned mine where two young women have disappeared. Yet the mountains families aren’t looking for their missing, believing trolls looking for brides are responsible.

Dusty and Darla aren’t buying the troll theory–until Darla falls into a trance and starts into the mine. Dusty stops her and vows to keep her from being the next victim. Darla believes she’s been called by God to help whoever–or whatever–lives in the mine.

Imagine if your isolated clan has waited hundreds of years in their mountain cavern for a prophecy to come true. A prophecy that vows a heavenly being will come to them, marry the prince and lead them to a better life. After catching a glimpse of Darla, Prince Aidan is sure it’s only a matter of time before the prophecy is fulfilled.

Darla is determined to accomplish the mission God has given her, regardless of what Dusty says, but will she be savior or sacrifice?

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Thanks so much for visiting Sunnybank Secrets, Linda! 
Best wishes!

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