Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Man

The Man

How can one man be so...
down-to-earth and simple, yet complex,
humble, yet to proud to bend under the wrong pressure,
hard working with a Type A personality,
yet be so laid back in certain circumstances?
How can he be so perceptive and wise on one hand,
yet so dumb when it comes to the hidden, not-in-your-face
wishes of this woman?

This man...
has shed his boots to give to someone else.
this man...
has given his last dollar for a cause.
this man...
has shed tears over people who mean the world to him.

He's still my hero, my lover, my friend,
my confidant, my adviser, my helper
he calms me when I'm overwhelmed,
soothes me when I'm worried,
places me solidly on the ground when I'm wrong,
and loves me forever.

Love you, hubby.
Happy birthday!

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