Wednesday, April 12, 2017

My "To-Do" List Today

Sick last week, just about all I did was sleep, take medicine and moan and groan.


So it's safe to say I accomplished little, if anything during that period.

But I'm feeling better this week, and it's time to get to work again.

What's on my to-do list this week?

  • Water plants. 

  • Set a few of the lighter ones outside on the porch for light and fresh air.
  • Get dishes out of sink (yeah, I know!)

  • Reorganize kitchen just a little
  • prepare and hem two dresses, one which will be my Easter dress for Sunday.
  • work on blogs
  • get through my mountain of emails
  • work on my novel

  • send out some checks
  • prepare easy meals this week
  • pack bags for a few days away w/hubby and Son #2 and his family

  • Finish buying items for Easter baskets for Blake and Wesley and Sunday School children

  • Organize my scrapbooking material--again.
  • Shop for necessary items.
  • Enjoy some "downtime" w/family
  • Contemplate working in garden...hmmm. Maybe. :)

Not too hard to do, right? Some of it has already been checked off; others will be finished shortly, but most will be completed, seeing as it needs done THIS week. Lol.

What's on your "to-do" list? Will you get it finished this week?

Happy Easter!


Melissa Henderson said...

Good list. Hope you continue to feel better. I am sick, too. No fun.

Caroline said...

Ugh. Hate being sick. Get well wishes zooming your way.

Ann Ellison said...

You have enough to keep you busy. Glad you are feeling better.

Arlene said...

Hang in there sounds like a busy schedule. Also enjoy your trip.

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