Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Rushing Around, Mr. Rabbit

Have you ever thought when gazing at your desk (or house, or at work, or some other place) that everything piled up looks like lint? Or worse, dust?

  • Rushing around gives me a headache. Granted I love to be busy and can't stand it when I have nothing to do (which has been so long ago, I feel like I'm telling a fib when I mention it). I always have something to do.
  • Rushing around causes me to forget things. I forget I've a post I need to write, that I wanted to walk today, that I'd scheduled to meet a friend, or that I had an appointment I needed to keep. 
  • Rushing around causes me to make mistakes. Typing too fast? Have to go back and make more corrections because of the sensitive touch of my computer and my clumsy fingers. Hurrying with supper preparations. Dropped eggs, spilled flour, broken pottery. 
  • Rushing around causes me to miss things, like the beauty of my gardens and garden pond. The hills with the morning mists hanging over them. The moonlight shining through the tree tops. My animals wanting attention, their beautiful green/brown/blue eyes on me, trusting me to give them what they need. My hubby, sons and grandsons (and many others too!) wanting my company or attention, loving me even when I'm too busy to talk with them.
So what to do? 

Slow down...again. Relax. Take a deep breath and remember to...
Keep to my schedule. 
Check my lists.
One thing at a time.

Thankfully, I'm getting better at realizing--and, thus, reacting--that I need to stay focused and organized. 

That does the trick. When my over-excited, overloaded brain accepts that everything doesn't have to be done at once, then I stay relaxed and more productive. I'm released from those heavy chains of pressure. 

The moral of this lesson? 
Slow down, Mr. Rabbit. 
When you're worn out from rushing to the goal line, 
you may rush yourself to losing the race. 

So...make your list today of all things that are beautiful in your life. When you've thought of all you can, then thank God for them. Name each one aloud. Think about them. Study your list. Pray over it.. Tuck it into your Bible, your purse, a notebook. Somewhere that you can see it often.

What good does doing things like this do? Makes us more thankful. Helps us realize what blessings
we have and how quickly we sometimes lose this or that blessing. 

After all, why should God give us MORE blessings if we're not thankful for what we already have?

You're blest. I'm blest. God loves us. Let that thought sink in, and may it resound in your heart throughout your day and evening.

Rejoice, and again, I say: Rejoice!


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