Wednesday, September 27, 2017

On Passionate Writing: Inspiration

You never have to change anything
you got up in the middle of the night to write.
--Saul Bellow

Sometimes the words won't come
We reach a plateau
a stump in our writing.

We sit and stare at the screen
Our notepads are blank
Or, maybe, filled with notes
that give us nothing.

Our minds are tired,
of inspiring words
that we need to WRITE.

We struggle to write scenes
that feel blah

Have we lost it?
Should we quit?
Maybe we're not writers after all.

But wait!

Hang in there.
The night is coming.
Suddenly, a scene appears in our thoughts
It's just what we need.
We jump from the bed
(and hopefully, don't wait till morning!)
to write it down.

We feel energized
relief floods our being
Inspiration hits us like a firecracker in July.
Words are coming like a light bulb lit up inside our bodies.
We've found our muse again.

Because we know
that the middle-of-the-night scene is
 just the thing to 
get us going again.


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