Sunday, October 29, 2017

Sunday Morning Peace: New Books

What do Flutes, Willow trees and Spies 
have to do with each other?

A new book is coming soon.

A Flute in the Willows:

the long-awaited second book in the
WWII Spies series


Both rebels in their own way, Josie and Jerry Patterson must figure out how 
to keep the other's love...and keep the German enemy at bay.

She has two loves—her skating and Jerry, her husband. But when he returns home 
looking like a skeleton trying to return to life, she’s scared. 
What happened in Germany to change a man 
so much? Has another woman captured his heart?

Jerry has vowed to let Josie live her own glamourous life...
especially after what happened in Germany. 
But when his wife's life is threatened, 
Jerry realizes he can’t stand by and do nothing. 
Jerry has to risk all for the very soul and life of himself—Josie.

These two damaged, rebellious people learn the hard way 
that leaning on God instead of their own selves and abilities 
is the only true way to love and happiness. 

Watch for it!

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