Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Of Mice and Men and February Contest Info...

Mice: Could you consider one for a pet? The reason I'm asking: in one of my suspense novels, yet to be published, Tara--the detective--has one for a pet. Her twin brother gave it to her for a joke, and she ended up loving the little fellow. He's also sensitive to what is right and/or wrong in the cases she's trying to solve and he's able to give her animal hints (if she's smart enough to figure them out!)

So, would you have a mouse for a pet? Is it too icky? (By the way, I'm considering changing Tara's pet to an exotic cat) Are you afraid of mice? And are they more trouble than men?

That's what I'm getting at. Mice mess (uh hem) where you don't want them to. They get into the food you don't want them in and cause more work. But what else do they do? They scamper, but then who wouldn't when a monster-ish human form towers over you? I'd run for my life, too!


Not to be too indelicate (have you ever cleaned a toilet bowl?), but yeah, same difference. Then, ever try to hide the cookies? (homemade bread, pie, cake, etc. etc.) You'd think they were going through a worse persecution than some foreign third world country. They're much worse than children when they get sick. (I carry the phone around afraid any minute I'll have to call emergency.) And just let them prepare some document, manuscript, article, etc. You must, must, must listen to this. 

So why is it when I have a tiny bit of my novel I need proofread, "I'm too busy right now" is what I hear? Fair turnabout is what I thought it was all about.


They insist on heading to the most boring sections in Wal-Mart. They chat endlessly about sports and cars and jobs, but let us mention a baby! Oh, my, their eyes turn glassy and droop with a sudden syndrome called sleepiness.

Tell me this: is that fair?

But, hey, I gotta remember, I get warm cuddlings from one certain handsome man (hubby!), and I can't complain about him not taking me places.

He helps me in the house, strives to give me what I need--and want (most of the time--don't want to get too generous here!) He's good at keeping the fireplace stoked because he knows I love it. He puts up with my pets, when he'd just as soon not have any. He listens-- sometimes, or, at least, pretends to--to my eternal chatting about my writing. He buys me flowers. And I think he loves me.

Hmmm . . . I think I'll keep him around for awhile yet. 


(You must comment on every contest question I have this month--
February, 2018,
 and I will label them as such. 
One per week for the whole month.)
Contest Question:
So what is it to be:  Mice?  or  Men?  

Oh, yeah, you want to know what you get?

and a kindle copy of 
Knight in Shining Apron

Book 2
of the Appleton, WV Romantic Mystery series

How's that for a beautiful, romantic gift?

Happy Reading!


Kim hansen said...


Lucy Reynolds said...

No, mice for me, as I’m petrified of them. I’ll keep my hubby even though he talks to much when I’m reading. 🤗

Caroline said...

I'm not crazy about mice either, Lucy, so my vote goes for my hubby too. Lol

Caroline said...

Brave woman, Kim! Yeah. Glad you stopped by.

Linda Kish said...

I don't know about mice. They aren't very friendly from what I understand but, rats make great pets. They are very sweet and loving. Mice don't really like to be held much. You can only watch them run around the cage.

Robbye said...


Our kids had a pet mouse. It was an adorably, cuddably cutie! (I think I made those two words up!) We have also had fish, anoles, snakes, birds, cats, dogs squirrels, chipmunks...well, you get the picture! Somehow, even the fish!!!! "followed" them home! Go figure!!

Anyway, I have read (and I think reviewed) Knight in Shining Apron, so don't enter me. I just wanted to vote in favor of mice. However, I'll take my hubby over mice any day!!


agboss said...

NO mice for me! I'll go with men....specifically, my sweet husband. Thanks, Carole, for this fun giveaway! ~Alison Boss


Caryl Kane said...

No mice or men. I'm choosing a dog instead!

Carole, thank you for the fun giveaway.


Anonymous said...

Men, or man in my case (hubby). Not to fond of mice!

Christina Ratliff said...

No mice I say hubby!

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