Sunday, February 25, 2018

Sunday Morning Peace: Love

Love is:

  • paying a good deed forward. Recently we had a couple in front of us at a drive-thru pay for our meal.  
  • buying the woman you love what she loves: flowers and mints. Hubby does that often. Love that man back.
  • playing ridiculous games with grandson. Like: "play I'm a dog and I get on the sofa, Gwandma." 
  • helping said grandson's ear to quit hurting by my attention and some great essential oils. 
  • preparing meals my family loves
  • smiling at a frowning clerk
  • taking a deep breath when other drivers tempt me to be impatient
  • sharing God's love when it's hard or I'm scared. Even when I don't believe I've done wrong, but being the first (and sometimes only) person to say "I'm sorry."
Love you all! 

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