Wednesday, March 28, 2018

I Really Do Love Spring...and a Contest Winner Announcement!

I really DO love Spring. Do you?

  • I love the resilient trees, though budding, endure the continued harsh weather that struggles to remain in control even when Spring is pushing back and subtlely demanding its time of focus

  • I love the sight of the first shoots of daffodils, hyacinths thrusting their stems through the warming ground.

  • I love the fun of St. Patrick's Day, the green, and those who take the day seriously and enjoy that patron's special day.

  • And what about the planning and searching for new plants to use this season in your flower or vegetable gardens? I dream through the catalogs or online of my gardens aspiring to look like those showcasing the professionals.

  • Adore the warmer weather.

  • Love the greening fields

  • and the spring rains, umbrellas and boots...


It's my pleasure to announce March's Winner! 

Congratulations to...

Kim Hanson

You have one week to contact me with your addy.

Happy Reading, folks,
join in
and don't forget to spread the word
for April's contest.
(beginning next Wednesday, April 4th)

Happy Reading!

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