Wednesday, March 14, 2018

My Comfort Zone...and a Contest Question

The Wikipedia encyclopedia says a comfort zone is:
a term used to denote a type of mental conditioning 
resulting in artificially created mental boundaries, 
within which an individual derives a sense of security.

Yikes. Setting up a fence to keep out anything that disturbs me? Is that what the encyclo is saying?

  • Like going to a special writing meeting, and keeping quiet because, well, the speaker is what? Younger? A better speaker? Well known? Unknown to me?

  • Like cringing when a professional pianist strides into the church sanctuary, and it's my allotment to play that day?

  • Like doing what I think of as a special "gift" to someone, and they either ignore my gesture or show how little they like it by action, look, or voice.

How do you overcome these feelings of in-superiority? 

Pray. Submit yourself and your talents to God. He has blessed you with the abilities that suit your personality. Give them to God and allow God to use you and them as He will. None of us travel the same life journey. We must use what we have and learn to rejoice in his gifts to us. Only then will the feelings of inadequacy lessen. 

Question for you:
Do you struggle with feelings of in-superiority? 


Don't forget to answer EVERY question this month.
The FIRST question is:
What is one thing you'd like to 
change about your life--if you could--this spring?

The second March Question of the week:

Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?
Why or why not?

A $5.00 gift card from AMAZON
a kindle copy of any of my books: your choice
and a lovely bookmark with an inspiring quote on it. 

Top of the Week to you!


Deanne Patterson said...

We are Irish. My grandmother's mother sailed from Galway when she was 16 to have a better life leaving behind and never seeing her family again. Sad! I wear green and we have a cake with green icing.

Robin Coxon said...

I know my heritage on my father's side came from Wales/England, however on my mother's side of the family I know there were Quakers but not sure what else. As far as celebrating St. Patrick's Day, we generally eat corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and wear green but that is about it.

Christina Ratliff said...

1 I would like to go to church more and be more for the Lord! I don't celebrate st.patricks day because I never really did

Jan Hall said...

I guess you could say I do because I did corner beef and cabbage and wear something green. It is a habit.

Judy Schexnayder said...

If I could change anything about my life this spring, it would be to be able to travel, as I am pretty much confined to my home......We are not of Irish descent and have never observed St.Patrick's Day

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