Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Tidbits of My Life: Facts, Playing the Game of "Dogs," and March Contest Question

I've been accused of being "Stuck-Up," abrupt, and unclear...
but actually, though my actions may point to these as truth...

I'm a person who loves to be with others--within limits. 
I do so enjoy my alone times too.

In a hurry, too excited or worried, I tend to be abrupt, 
but that's not my intention to ever hurt. 

Unclear? surely not! But sometimes in my explaining or telling of an event, story, and/or experience, I try to keep it simple and tell it in my words and end up not including enough details. 

one of my greatest traits is my caring. 
I truly do love to show others I care


I spent the day with Grandson Jonathan recently.
Of course that meant imaginative games and other fun things. 

One of his suggestions was to play "dogs."
He gave me clear instructions:
"Gwandma, pretend I'm a dog and I get up on the sofa. Tell me I shouldn't do that and to get down."

One thing about him, he's a perfectionist 
when it comes to getting it right. 
Don't deviate. Don't change the wording. Don't mess up.

I'll just say this: one thing we always do:
Have fun and enjoy the time. 

Isn't that what it's all about?


Writing Life Tidbits:
I'm working on Book Four of the Appleton WV Romantic Mysteries.
I've titled it:  Toby's Troubles
The main protagonist is a brother to Caroline Gibson 
(from book Three: Undiscovered Treasures). 

He's smart and ambitious but also a flirt and tease. 
He's definitely not ready to settle down 
even when the cutest and sweetest girl he's ever dated 
has that look in her eyes.

What's a man to do with a "ghost" to find 
and a girl who's determined to be noticed...and loved?


March is such a moody, lively, fun month! 
Spring is coming.
The earth is stirring.
Easter is approaching.
St. Patrick's day is this month.

So, my question this week is:

What is one thing you'd like to 
change about your life--if you could--this spring?

Too hard?
Let me give you my answer:
I'd like to be just a bit younger--not that I want to relive some experiences!--
but just to give me time to do all I want to do!
Now share what you'd like to change, if you could.
And don't forget to share this site!

A $5.00 gift card from AMAZON
a kindle copy of any of my books: your choice
and a lovely bookmark with an inspiring quote on it. 


Are you ready for March? 



Kim hansen said...

Get rid of this vertigo so I can walk more.

Anonymous said...

The thing I would like to change would be to lose weight. Thank you! rose blackard (at) gmail (dot) com

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