Wednesday, April 18, 2018

On Passionate Writing and April's Contest Question #3

On Passionate Writing

To be a writer,
you must sentence yourself
to a life of solitary confinement.
--Paul Martin

What is being a writer?
Do words make you a writer?
Does sitting at a desk typing make you a writer?
Does writing a book make you a writer?

that writing is not always easy.
Sometimes it's hard,
feels useless.

And solitary.

Sometimes that means lonely.
Other times
it means quiet or soft background music
it can mean sitting and dreaming
or plotting and outlining.

You can also pound the words out.
Or let them drizzle from your mind and fingers.

It's a comforting feeling being alone 
in your fictional (?) world
knowing soon
you'll be sharing a new book 
with readers.


Happy writing.


Moody April has arrived. 
One day, sunshine and warmth, 
the next, rain or snow and dreary clouds. 

REMEMBER, Two things:
  • YOU MUST ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS OF THE MONTH to be considered for the monthly prize. And...
  • You MUST check back here on the last Wednesday of the month to see if you've won. I will usually share the blog link on my Facebook author page but it's YOUR obligation to contact me here on the blog with your mailing information (or you can let me know you'll share it with email or private message on FB. 

April's First Question:  
What is your favorite SPRING flower and does it have a significant meaning to you?

April's second Question:
Do you ever read the last page of a book FIRST?

April's Third (and last) Question:
Has there ever been a character from any book
 that has remained in your memory 
or impacted you in some way?
(and the answer "No" is also acceptable)

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Kim hansen said...

before we were yours by lisa wingate, I knew about what went on a little about Georgia tann which the book is based a little on didn't really understand how mean and hurtful the woman was and what the poor kids would of gone through.

Lucy Reynolds said...

Reading Corrie Ten Boom’s books made such an impact on me as a lesson in true forgiveness. I pray you have a blessed and wonderful day.

Caroline said...

She's a very impressive person/book. I've always been an admirer.

Caroline said...

Any person who makes us want to be a better individual is impressive. Thank God for creative authors!

Christina Ratliff said...

3 yes caroline

Caroline said...

Thank you, Christine!

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