Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Protectors...and Aprils #1 Contest Question

What started me thinking along this line: I went to work one morning a few years back. I normallyworked by myself and was the one who opened the door with no one around.

I opened the door and heard the sound of a door in the basement closing. Yikes! Spooky! Especially since I've never heard it before.

To make a long story short, I evenually found the reason for the sound, but not before I felt that ripple of fear trail through my veins.

Shortly afterwards, this huge German Shepherd showed up on the doorstep, peered in the floor-to-ceiling windows at me. He had a collar and tag, but kept hanging around. He was so friendly he was practically lolling on the ground, wanting attention. He was adorable.

He--along with spooky sound--was what shifted my brain into thinking about all the protectors in the world.

Was HE my protector that morning?

I know my spunky little Taffy is. She's a terror if she thinks there's something strange around. I know hubby is. He won't tolerate insults or personal injuries to me. I know my boys would be if I needed them to be.

What/Who else? Can our attitudes be a protector? The way we think and react in a situation. Doesn't that, at times, protect us from an incoming hurt? When we shed off that slight that would otherwise crush our feelings, because we decide to do so? Isn't that a form of protection?

What about prevention? Think about the healthful things we do to keep from getting sick, or the medicines/oils we use, etc. There's also exercise, diet, weight-watching and regular doctor checkups that we participate in.

Don't we read to prevent boredom and ignorance?
Why do we bathe? To prevent people from shunning you? For your own personal satisfaction?

Then there's God. He can be our best and greatest protector in everything. Temptations, depression,
wrong choices, and life in general. He is our encourager and guide to our eternal home. He is our everything, including protector in danger and trials.

He is a sure and mighty arm. Lean hard on Him. He'll never fail.


April is such a encouraging, fun month! 
Spring is here.
The earth is stirring.
Flowers are bursting forth 
with the water works the skies shed on earth.
Warm weather is in the works.

REMEMBER, Two things:

  • YOU MUST ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS OF THE MONTH to be considered for the monthly prize. And...
  • You MUST check back here on the last Wednesday of the month to see if you've won. I will usually share the blog link on my Facebook author page but it's YOUR obligation to contact me here on the blog with your mailing information (or you can let me know you'll share it with email or private message on FB. 

April's FIRST Question:
What is your favorite SPRING flower and does it have a significant meaning to you?

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Lucy Reynolds said...

My Favorite spring flower is wild violets. The reason is as children us four children would see who could pick the first ones for mama. She is now 86 and I still pick her violets.

Kim hansen said...

I don't have a favorite I enjoy all the spring flowers.

Caroline said...

Lucy, violets are priceless beauties, and that's a wonderful reason to love them!

Kim, I so enjoy them all too. :)

Jocelyn said...

My favorite spring flower is impatients. I love the blast of color they bring and spread in my garden. They are also long lasting, so I enjoy them all summer and into fall.

Caroline said...

One place we lived earlier on in our marriage, I planted impatients in both my porch garden area. It's was shady, and they did well there. They are bright, cheerful plants. Thanks for stopping by!

Barb D said...

Tulips, and a little delicate white flower that comes up early in the spring; people have told me it's called a snowdrop. (I haven't met a flower I didn't like! :))

Caroline said...

Barb, tulips Re breath taking sight. Love to see the Michigan tulip fields!

Marilyn Brown said...

This may sound strange, but the pussywillow is my favorite spring flower, or whatever you call it, tThe reason;every year my son would always go out and bring me back a nice bouquet. He did this for many years,even after he got married. I miss that now. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this giveaway.

Caroline said...

Marilyn Brown, they've always kind of fascinated me, too, and that's a very special reason to love them!

Cheryl Baranski said...

I love crocus, tulips, and daisies.
The crocus remind me of my grandmother.

Caroline said...

Cheryl, I truly do love these flowers too. I've always wanted to go see (live) the tulip fields. Maybe someday. Thanks for posting a comment.

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