Friday, December 07, 2018

Rambling Fridays: Old Fashion Christmas!

Give Me An Old Fashion Christmas!

Remember the old song that’s sung at Christmas time (one rendering by Andy Williams is lovely)? “My Favorite Things.” Always loved that crazy song. I have a feeling it has a deeper meaning than just the favorite things list.
Whiskers on kittens and warm woolen mittensCoziness.
Copper kettles and raindrops on rosesHow much nicer can you get?
Brown paper packages tied with stringThat sends my curiosity sky high.
And who can resist the sound of bells whether from doors or sleighsCan you taste the schnitzel and apple strudels?
Just the thought of wild geese flying with the moon on their wings: love it!
Snowflakes landing on your facewhite dresses with blue satin sashes, and silver white winters all provoke pleasant thoughts.
But wait! What about the dog bites, the bee stings and sadness?
It’s then you can remember all those favorite things of the season that send the bad things skidding away.
Besides the above fun items, here’s a few more that I’ve found lightens my sadness and stirs me into a nostalgic mood when the busyness gets too much, the getting-ready-for-whatever-pressure is too tight, and the wondering if I’ll ever get done reaches a limit. When I remember the good, the load lightens.
Baby kisses–is there anything sweeter than an innocent child?
Brown 4Grandson’s excitement opening packages. Grandson Jonathan thought opening the packages (at two years) was so much fun, he got into the act with Grandpa’s packages too! And as he grows older, he still enjoys helping Grandpa open his packages.

Brown 2Christmas ornaments that have memories attached to them. I have some from when my sons were in grade school with their pictures on them. Still treasure these.

Brown 3

Mantels filled with caroler figurines, Santas, nativities, and garlands strung with lights, cones, bulbs and berries. Good stuff!

Colored lights and white shimmering lights on Christmas trees. One of my favorite things is to look at the decorated houses and trees during this season. It speaks of light and happiness, joy and peace! And, really, is there an ugly tree anywhere? Even the one we had to cut down on our farm that was a true eyesore. Our grandsons looked with big eyes at that one!
My hubby singing “O Holy Night” No, he’s not a professional singer, but he loves to sing. Unlike some that have to be pressured into it, he pours his heart into the effort, and I’m blest listening to him.
Reading Doctor Seuss to children. What fun to read of Cindy Lou and no matter how the Grinch tried, he couldn’t stop Christmas. No one can. If laws were passed that we couldn’t celebrate it, Christmas can live–in our hearts! The magic and hope can continue.
Brown 6The biblical account of Jesus’ birth read right before we open packages. We started this practice when our sons were little, and I’ve loved listening to my husband’s rendering of the verses. How important it is to share God’s truth with our family!

The Christmas table laden with too much food, beautiful settings, laughter and prayer. What a real blessing that we have so much. And one special privilege is inviting someone who might not have a family to share in our happiness.
Holding hands while grace is said. Another great tradition that I hope our grandchildren will pass down to their children. The togetherness in the act, and the faith being spoken–what a treasure!
Gifts that hBrown 1ave meaning. Gifts don’t have to be expensive in my eyes. Something from the heart is the best gift of all. I’ve been gifting my daughter-in-law a photo album of our grand boys. Pictures I’ve taken through the year and making copies for that album. I get a delight in watching her turn the pages, a smile on her face.

An old-fashion Christmas with beauty and love, joy and happiness, peace and good will. Give me that anytime over a sterilized, commercial Christmas. It’s the kind that lasts!

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