Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Hey, you all. I've been hearing from some of my readers that you haven't seen anything since sometime in November. Well, I've been writing, I don't know what the problem is. Hopefully, it'll be fixed shortly. Keep watching.

Hints for children:
One thing you should ensure at Christmas is that your children (old enough, of course) write little thank you notes to those who've given them gifts: grandparents, etc.

There is nothing nicer than receiving a personal thank you for a gift that you have given, particularly from young children.

Help them write it if necessary. It need not be long, but it's good practice for them at writing, too. Also a good way to start is to ask them to think about what it is they like best about the gift they've received. Tell them to all they need to do then is write it down on paper.

Blessed are they who give without remembering, and take without forgetting. --Elizabeth Bibesco



sharen said...

Hey, I got into it. I had to go to your profile and click on the second Sunnybank Meanderings and I got todays. Your right I was looking at Nov. 16th and was thinking that was the last one. That must be what they were taking about. I hope you get this. I'll try to call you tomorrow as it's kinda late right now. First chance I got to try it. Take care, Sharen

Caroline said...

Thanks, Sharon, you're a real pal! Hope you're having a good December. Snowed in?


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