Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Simply Friends

I'm mentoring a couple of young girls who helped me start our local writing group.

Now don't get me wrong. I don't think, and probably never will, that I've arrived at my writing success era. But after being with my online writing group, and in my online critique group, I think I'd be safe to say, I've come a long way up the road.

I've always been able to write. Came easy for me. In college, others would groan and besought leniency from long research papers. Not me. I loved them! Believe it or not, I like research. I always completed the total required page length (and could have used more!)

For fun, here's the titles of some of my papers I did. Can you guess what they were about? To add to the fun, I'll send a book to any who guesses all three subject matters correctly! How's that for generosity?

1) To Be or Not to Be

2) It's a Jungle Out There

3) Collector Maniac

Back to my beginning sentence.

These two young girls have been a tremendous help to me. Although they've needed help in so many areas, I spot their ability in writing good plots and real characters. Their help to me has been invaluable. They read my manuscripts and pick out what's missing, what I need to hone in on, what I've left out to make the reader satisfied. They point out the flaws in my characters, give hints on how to give them flaws, think up probable obstacles for the plot.

They are great friends, even though they're half my age. Thank you, Lyn and Jam for you encouragement to me. I just hope I'm that much help to them.

More winter hints, whether traveling by car or foot, these are things you should carefully take care of before setting out on that trip!

1) Know your route and keep abreast of weather conditions.
2) Drink plenty of water. Dehydration causes tiredness and reduced alertness.
3) Eat enough food. Your body needs it more in winter than summer.
4) Pack a winter travel safety kit (see yesterday's blog hints).
5) Slow down by 50%.
6) Keep a light touch on the controls.
7) Know how to recover from skids.
8) Keep tires in good condition and inflated properly.
9) Make frequent rest stops.
10) If you get stuck, stay in your vehicle.

Friends find the sweetest sense of happiness comes from simply being together.


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