Tuesday, April 03, 2007


When Christ was on earth, the dogwood grew
To a towering size with a lovely hue.
Its branches were strong and interwoven
And for Christ's cross its timbers were chosen.

Being distressed at the use of the wood
Christ made a promise which still holds good:

"Not ever again shall the dogwood grow
To be large enough for a tree, and so
Slender and twisted it shall always be
With cross-shaped blossoms for all to see.

The petals shall have bloodstains marked brown
And in the blossom's center a thorny crown.
All who see it will think of Me,
Nailed to a cross from a dogwood tree.
Protected and cherished this tree shall be.
A reflection to all of My agony.

The fable declares that the Dogwood was larger and stronger than it is today. After his crucifixion, Jesus changed the plant to its current form: he shortened it and twisted its branches as to assure an end to the use of the plant for the construction of crosses, and he transformed its inflorescence into the form of his crucifixion itself. That form is recognized by the flower petals, which are said to represent the four corners of the cross; the red stamen of the flower (representing Jesus' crown of thorns), the clustered fruit (representing his blood).

However, the Bible does not specify what type of wood was used to construct the cross of Jesus.

There is also no indication within Roman records and histories of the materials used in cross construction.

The origin of this fable is not known.

Flowering Dogwood blooming in Spring

Flowering Dogwood blooming in Spring
Flowering white Dogwood

Flowering white Dogwood

Healthy Hints for Easter Dinner

Avoid the honey-baked ham. (Ouch!) Try sugar free.

Cook with healthy oils (virgin olive and canola).

Skip the roasted potatoes and bread basket (You've got to be kidding!).

Load up on spring vegetables like asparagus and snap peas and fresh salad. Yum.

Enjoy a fresh fruit salad.

Indulge in a small amount of dark chocolate (has heart-healthy antioxidants).

Friendship is a sheltering tree; oh, the joys that come down shower-like! --Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Looking forward to Easter blessings!


Arlene said...

love your blog; you go, girl, and keep up the good work!

Caroline said...

Thks for reading, Arlene. Look for my upcoming guest interview with Cindy Woodsmall soon!

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