Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Yap! Yap! Yap!

How much do you talk in a day? Here's one of my fellow-writer's comments on her day's worth of words. See how much you identify:

Words spent on phone with elderly mother: 1000 (mostly repetition of some form of "it's going to be okay, Mom.")

Words spent with five-year-old granddaughter: 10,000 (all worth keeping--"Did God have a mother? "No, honey. He was the first thing ever, so He didn't need a mother. Neither did Adam and Eve. When God created them, He made them grown-ups already." "I'm glad God didn't make me a grown-up. I'd be so confused!")

Words heard from heaven during quiet time: 3 ("Do not fear.")

Words shared with husband returning from fishing trip: 2000 (all his).

Words successfully committed to computer on WIP: 6 (sigh).

Day spent doing what God wanted me to do: priceless!

How many times do we think about what we're saying throughout a day's time? The Bible talks about our speech and being accountable for what we "let lose between our lips." (My translation--grin).

Are we careful to not offend?
Are we free with compliments?
Do we talk to fill the "emptiness?"

My hubby is more apt to listen than to speak. Thus, he catches many things (nuances and aims) people are saying (or not) than someone (me?) who may be more anxious to get across. You've heard of the old-timers who spoke little but understood a lot.

Maybe we should role-model our lives more after someone like that! Could be there would be lots less trouble in this ole world!

Those of us who love to garden are anxious (or already starting) to get started. Here's a few ideas that could serve you well. Try them!

*Roses love crushed egg shells. They help keep snails out of the garden.

*Save money growing your own food. Get a jump on the gardening seasons by starting your plants indoors in potting soil placed in empty egg cartons.

*Use old garden hoses to drip irrigate your garden. Cut holes along the length of the hose, and lay along plants.

*Be creative when it comes to containers. Some possibilities:
-Egg cartons; use to start plants.
-Old shoes, cute for ornamentals.

Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable. --Kenyan proverb



yumanbing said...

I like your suggestion about being inventive with plant containers, but I can only imagine what roses grown in my old shoes would smell like!

Caroline said...

Oh, yeah! You can say that one again. Have a happy Easter, bro. Love ya bunches! Tell DeeJay howdy from me!

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