Thursday, April 26, 2007


Yesterday morning we began our activities which includes feeding the animals. Hubby came in and commented on Molly's (the old chow) absence. Where was she?

To explain: we live on a mini (hobby) farm. Lots of space. Molly's old. After Sabre died, we untied Molly and let her roam. She's done fine. Stays close to the porch. We almost always know where she is.

So where was she yesterday morning? We searched everywhere. I was upset. Afraid someone had taken her. Afraid she'd gotten on the road (and she never has before), afraid she'd died somewhere and we couldn't find her. Hubby took his truck and began looking for her.

And found her. On a neighbor's front porch. As soon as she saw Hubby, she came to him.

We promptly tied her back up. Tied her up because she abused her freedom (although I don't think she even realized it!). Tied her up because of our fear of what could happen to her. Tied her up for her own good.

I just finished a book the other day called "Lost." In it a woman searches for her elder daughter who goes missing. She is so taken up with this daughter for years that she ignorantly (selfishly, unwisely?) ignores her younger daughter who really is the better of the two. In the end, the selfish older daughter turns up: she planned this "lost" event for her own good, never considering what it would do to her mother and family. And the mother finally gets her eyes open.

Physical map of the Earth.

We've done a lot of traveling. Love it. But I don't think we've ever been what you can call lost. Missed some exits and took the wrong routes, but never lost.

Then there's a spiritual lost and a physical lost. Don't you just hate to hear about those lost in the woods, or in the winter? Doesn't your heart ache for those who won't accept a heavenly Father?

And some people go through life unhappy and unsatisfied because they think they're stuck in a boring career. Who wants to work where the clock is the most important part of the day because then they can go home?

Well, life is too short for that kind of stuff. Change careers. Go back to school. Look for a different job. Take training. Do something. Begin again. Do something you like. YOU have that choice and only you. No one can make you do something you don't like. Value your life. You've only got one on this earth. Enjoy it to the best of your ability.

Illustration of a scribe writing

That's why I'm doing what I'm doing. Smiles. Writing.

I love studying family history. I just don't have the time to do justice to it. But here are a couple hints if you're interested . . .

To Begin

  • Decide what your aim is. Do you want to trace the male or female line only in your family, or do you want to build your tree with ancestors as far back as you can go, or perhaps you might just want to study the recent past of your family history

  • Start with the present, write down your immediate family names, i.e. mum, dad, brother(s), sister(s), grandparents. Then add as much as you can about them, i.e. date of births, marriages and deaths. Interview relatives and make sure you write down all the information gathered, this is the most important thing to do. You will get laden with lots of notes, documentation and paper work, but make sure you keep yourself organised.

Perhaps . . . more later.

AND . . . the answer to yesterday's trivia question --
the beautiful banana!

Today's Trivia Question:
I'll give you a body of water, a city, and a park or landmark and you name that state that all three can be found in. Which state is it?

Dry Bay, the city of Petersburg, and Mt. Edgecumbe

The two most engaging powers of an author are to
make new things familiar and familiar things new.
--Samuel Johnson


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