Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Moody Moments from a Writer . . .

Why are some people just naturally moody?

Don't ask me: I'm no doctor. Not even a good counselor. But I do know that through the years I bounce like a rubber ball. Feel in top of the world one minute, dragging my nose in the dust the next. What causes these mood swings?

Let me point out one thing. I don't think I'm mentally deficient (no matter what you think! Grin). I think I'm just made up that way, genetics, personality, environment, preference. All those have played a part in how I handle life.

Back to the question "what causes moods?"

Let me list a few things that do it for me:

Rain. This morning driving to work, a warm, secure feeling swept over me enclosed in my car. But it can't go on indefinitely. After a week's worth, I'm aching for some sunshine.

Trouble. Oh, great. How can anyone that's not insane mention that in public? Cause it's true. So you always have enough money? So no one ever gets angry at you? So your neighbors are sweethearts (and the ones we have now are great!) So no one ever growls at your work? So nothing ever breaks down at your house just when you're coming up for air? So you never have to file taxes (yuk!)?

Music. Yeah. I love music. But it's a classic example of the extreme of which I'm capable. Some music depresses me. Some elates me. Some songs I like, but because of circumstances, I may not like it at certain times. Make sense?

People. We know this one couple who fights all the time. Now, a little of that goes a long way with me. Granted, I might find the first few minutes interesting--research, you know (Nosy, you say?), but then the interest pales. I'm so totally depressed with the futility of their actions that I refuse to think about it. Ostrich style, I suppose. And I know all my talking in the world does no good. When people don't want help, they don't listen.

My actions. Isn't it grand when you do something that makes you feel good about yourself? For me, it might be helping someone and getting that award-winning smile and thank you. Or making the right choice about my writing that proves perfect. Or choosing to go with hubby when I wanted to go somewhere else. Little things. Or big things.

Then, on the other hand, some of the ignorant things I pull make me wince, groan, and shrink inside.

How could I have been so careless in losing that important paper?

How could I think I could pass a certain car that wouldn't let me, and I had to finally back off?
Of course, he was the one feeling challenged and childish, so why did I feel depressed over the event? Don't know, but I did.

Why did I say that unbearably stupid thing? It wasn't even funny.

Why did I think I'd place in a prestegious contest?

Who am I to think I can write?

For that matter, who am I in the first place?

A nobody.

But . . .

Thankfully, I don't stay in those depressed moods for long. Thankfully, I have someone who helps pull me out. Thankfully, I've got someone who knows just what to say. Like:

"You're trying to do too much. No wonder you lose things. Ask me to help you find that paper." And I do.

"Well, how did you know you were going to run across the most childish driver-person on the planet that morning? Move on. It's not worth steaming about." And I do.

"Well, all you've got to do is apologize (or forget it, whatever the case). I know what you meant. But then I'm God." And I rest in His peace.

"You entered that contest because something in you wanted to grow. You got positive feedback and some comments that'll help you strengthen your writing. So accept it." And I do and grow.

"You write because I put that love in your heart. I want you to write. Do so for me. Not for anyone else. Not for any other reason. Now get back to that novel and write another chapter." And I smile and agree.

"A nobody? You? Ah, you're my child and I love you. That's all that matters." And I feel warm and happy and loved.

Thank you, God.

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Trivia Question:
What fruit has three sugars in it, mixed with fiber, great for us, and is the leading fruit eaten by athletes? (Answer will be in tomorrow's blog.)


I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see. The longer I live, the more my mind dwells upon the beauty and the wonder of the world. --John Burroughs

(And if I'd written the above quote it couldn't have suited me better. It says exactly how I feel each and every day!)



yumanbing said...

Being such a great athlete myself, I'll guess: bananas.

Caroline said...

Whoa! You are smart! Luv ya!

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