Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I'm thankful for:

  • That God understands me just the way I am, works with and on me. I don't have to be anyone but simple, complicated, worried, (and a whole bunch of other descriptions! LOL) self.
  • That God gave ME talents. That I have the urge to use them. That He encourages me to do so.
  • That I got another computer this year! Yeah!
  • That I have a beautiful, caring, loving, and unselfish hubby.
  • That I have two mischievious sons (never outgrew that!), who love us.
  • That I have some wonderful friends who've stayed with me, who've been there.
  • That I have the freedom to worship the way I want to.
  • That I have good books to read.
  • That I have the "usual" amenties for life: house, warmth, car (another answer to prayer), food, clothes, etc.
  • Dogs that gaze at you with utter trust in their eyes.
  • Cats who slyly remind you what selfish personalities are like. Smile.
  • Hubby's children's stories that are a real blessing to me.
Generality thankfulness:
  • my garden and garden pond
  • flowers and trees
  • animals
  • Fall
  • Christmas and all that goes with it.
  • Realizing the real meaning of Christmas. It's not about presents and getting.
  • popcorn
  • good food
  • my second best friend: Mom
  • bros who stay in touch! Hint, hint!
  • great blogging sister-in-laws who give me a glimpse into their lives
  • Lights at night
  • the moon
  • my home in the rain
  • my home when its cloudy
  • my fireplace
  • my home in the misty mornings
  • my home when the snowflakes fall
  • good music
  • my novels!!!!!!
  • my characters--without them, where would I be?
  • good news--oh, how I love it!
  • Anyone reading this nonsense!
  • Anyone who gives me encouragement. Oh, yes!
  • My critiquers. They are priceless.
  • journal books and good pens
  • my piano
Some special thankfulness this season:
  • That I knew Michael and Mary for 21 years
  • Service boys and girls--God bless them all!
  • Those who stand.
  • The good ole USA
  • Our policemen
  • Our firefighters
Thank you, everyone, for standing by me and for reading this blog! Love you!

Trivia Question:
List the foods that the Pilgrims certainly did NOT eat at the first Thanksgiving feast.
(Note: more than one answer):
  • Bread
  • Corn
  • Clams
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Turkey
  • Plums
  • Fish
  • Milk
  • Dried Fruit
  • Lobster
  • Potatoes

Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving. ~W.T. Purkiser

Happy Thanksgiving!


Belinda said...

Bread, Pumpkin Pie, Turkey, Milk, and Potatoes were not part of the first Thanksgiving feast. Indian corn that would have been available at the time was only good for making cornmeal, so there was no corn-on-the-cob. However, they might have had something made with the cornmeal.

Daniel & Regina said...

the items not at the first Thanksgiving were: Potatoes. Pumpkin pie, turkey, bread, and milk.

Arlene said...

The items not at the first Thanksgiving are: Milk, pumpkin pie, Turkey, potatoes, bread and milk.

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