Wednesday, February 13, 2008

No One Could Say It . . .

but kids! And get by. Laugh.

Here's some cute sayings a friend emailed me today. Thought you'd enjoy them.

  • From a two-year-old, sitting in a pool of bright light: "Close the curtains. The sun's looking at me too hard."
  • A grandson answered the question of when he would turn six: "When I'm tired of being five."
Children in a doorway in Jerusalem
  • A granddaughter seeing her grandmother frantically waving away a pesky fly with a white dishcloth: "Maybe he thinks you're surrendering."
  • A boy reading with his grandfather about Adam and Eve: "Is this where God took out the man's brain and made a woman?"
  • Announcing to her daughter that her aunt had just had a baby, and that he looked like the uncle, the child said, "You mean he has a mustache?"
Children in Namibia
  • A four-year-old, getting his hair washed said when his mother commented about him needing a haircut: "Maybe we shouldn't water it so much."
  • A five-year-old, after being told that their van was going to be fixed, said: "Oh, it's going to the tire-o-practor?"
  • A mother complimented her child on his advanced vocabulary. The child replied: "I have words in my head I haven't even used yet."
  • After a mother informed her son she was going outside to get a little sun, he replied: "But, Mommy, you already have a son."
Girls in China

Oh, the precious innocence of babies and children!

What a wonderful world (in spite of all the adult aggravations!)

Love puts the fun in together . . . the sad in apart . . . the hope in tomorrow . . . the joy in a heart.


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