Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Raining in Snugginess

Some thoughts about rain and other stuff.

Wow. The different shades of rain today. Vicious downpours that are scary. Tiny timid drizzles. Steady-to-be-trusted water works. I've experienced them all. Today.

I feel shut in, but the snuggly kind that promotes contentment.

Just finished tweaking a requested full manuscript from my agent, and need to get going on a revision of one, but can't seem to drum up the discipline to do that. So . . . I'm back to finishing my put-off-to-finish-other-things romance. Today, maybe.

Thinking about words, and a perfect title came to mind. Haven't exactly got a plot or characters to support it yet, but hey, a title is something, ain't it?

Back to the rain, why do I always think I'm going to get washed down off the hill we live against? Silly fear. One of many. Too unreasonable to explain. But who can reason away fears?

Ever tried to see if you'd drown by raising your face to the rain? Hmmm. I wonder. Maybe I'll . . . nah. I don't think so.

Is rain really good for your hair and face?

Can you imagine it raining for forty days and nights? Maybe I would float right off this hill. Could be a good way to go vacationing. Pennsylvania one week, then float on out west to Oklahoma, make a few stops in Montana, Indiana, and if I've still got the energy I'd float right on down to Virginia. No ocean-bordered states. 'Fraid I'd hit those big waters and never be seen again. Yikes. I'm scaring myself.

And finally, how would you like to live in a country (or a state) that had rain almost every day? I don't think so. My opinion? Rain is good. Rain is beneficial. Rain if all right--in small doses. But don't give me too much. I'd live in a permanent state of depression!

P. S. I had to laugh after I typed in the title to this blog. My blog grammar master underlined the word "snugginess." I promptly added it my private dictionary list. I just coined a new word. Hmmm.

Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed. --Corita Kent



Arlene said...

Sis. Carole I want you to let me know if you got my email I sent with your new address.

Yumanbing said...

My wife says that she loves sleeping while it's raining (especially during a thunderstorm). The sound makes her feel secure.
My dog doesn't like it though, and she wants to sleep with us :)

Caroline said...

Ah, how we love our animals! What we don't do for them! I love my sister in law more and more!

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