Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Raindrops are Fallin' on my Head, huh?

Raindrops are fallin' on my head
Pourin' thru the ceiling into my bed
Stop up the holes, you say?
Too much work, but I may . . .

If the rain-soaked cats
Don't stop lying on my mats
Hey, the dogs are just as bad
They shake until I'm mad.

Hubby just turns his head and walks away
While I close my eyes and refuse to have my say
Of the awful, awful mess the rain is makin'
While in terror my whole world is shakin'.

The trees are a drippin'
The birds aren't pippin'
The driveway looks like a holey map
Each dog has takin' to wearing a hat!

To keep off the rain, the silly, silly rain
That tempts us all to go really, really unsane.
That makes for muddy pawprints, hoofprints, and footprints
The only thing I can do to ignore the pouring rain is eat mints!

No sunny, funny walks in the sun
No places to go for lots of fun
Cause the rain just won't call it quits
I want to put on my boxing mitts!

So the next time you see me with my thimble,
A drowned rat I might resemble
Or a fish, an eel, or maybe a swimmer,
The dark clouds makes it dimmer!

So this ode to the rain, or is it a sad ballad?
It makes me want to eat, and not a green salad
Not carrots and apples, not lean or the green
But taters and candy, cake and ice cream.

There. Now you can see why I'm not a poet. But it was fun anyway. I good way to get back into blogging after two long weeks of fighting germs and colds and coughs . . . and other miserable stuff! LOL.

Have a great evening!

How difficult it is to be simple. --Vincent Van Gogh



Belinda2 said...

That's a pretty funny poem. :)

Sharen said...

That poem was perfect for all this rain.

Arlene said...

That was just the right poem at the right time. Since we just had rain.

Caroline said...

Oh, dear, you gals are just perfect friends. I can't believe you liked that awful poem. You made me grin anyhow! Love ya all!

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