Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring is Almost Here?

I received an email the other day from my bro, and it gave me food for thought. And a pause.

We were having one of the worst snowstorms we'd had all winter. And in his email he said, he could see signs of spring. It was almost here.

Optimism. Hope. An ability to see what's coming by past experience. Whatever you want to call it, he had it.

It was a day of deep, heavy snow.
A day to stay in.
A day that experts advised "no travel."
More digging out required.
More damage to the driveway.
Another week before temperatures would rise enough to melt the cold stuff.


But . . .

It's March
Daffodils are refusing to stay asleep; they're pushing the soil.
Temperatures are refusing to stay at a low ebb.

Here's a poem by Emily Dickinson I like:

Dear March, come in!
How glad I am!
I looked for you before.
Put down your hat--
You must have walked--
How out of breath your are!
Dear March, how are you?
And the rest?
Did you leave nature well?
Oh, March,
Come right upstairs with me,
I have so much to tell.

Enjoy the coming of spring!

We shall never find friends if we expect to find them without fault. --Thomas Fuller


1 comment:

Sharen said...

I can't believe it. I found it FINALLY, without any help!! Only you know what I mean. I am finally caught up with what I have been missing. Now I'm satisfied.I've read it all.
Sounds like a riddle....but not to you!
Keep up the good work! Uh... you don't have to send now what I asked for. LOL

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