Saturday, June 21, 2008


Got two new flower beds this spring/summer started that we'd wanted for several years. Still one more to go--maybe this summer, maybe next.

I do a lot of transplanting. By trial and error, I've found certain plants do well in certain parts of my gardens. Along one wall of railroad ties, I've tried roses and other plants that just refuse to grow or do well. But last year I went with more "settled," "less moody" plants like Hostas and Indian paint brush and other hardier stuff. Perfect for that location!

In another bed, I had Impatiens and were they wonderful! The next year they drooped and withered all summer. I think I found the source of the problem, but decided to forgo planting them this year and did something entirely different. With a few stepping stones, an iron table and love seat the spot is a great relaxing area.

The two new beds are filled with transplants and only a few "new, bought" plants. We'll see how it goes with them. I'm pretty sure I've got the right balance on them, but a couple years will tell the tale.

I'm trying a few new and beautiful cannas this year and a couple of other plants I haven't had. We'll see how they do.

I've still got the big one to form at the end of our driveway, some around our back deck and up in the woods from there, and a few places here and there. But it'll come . . . with time, patience, and some work.

How's your's doing?

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Christa said...

You know Impatience do best in mostly shade, and definitely need lots of water, right? I am always amazed to watch them get all droopy and shriveled and then water them good--and wow! they spring to life!!
Dont you just love flowers? I didnt plant many annuals this year--but I have lots of perennials--if we lived closer, I'de give you a bunch!!

Christa said...

Hey! By the way, I will add you to my blogger so you can get on mine too if I had your email. Have Sherri send it to me if you want me too.

Caroline said...

Christa, flowers! Love 'em!

Here's my email:

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