Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Another Writing Experience

Myself and two writing buddies traveled about an hour and half away to join other writing friends for a weekday noon meal at the Der Dutchman Restaurant. Several were there for the first time (seven), one for the second time, and the rest of us have joined together in writing events more than that.

It was a great time of fellowship with good food and a pleasant atmosphere. We called it a meet and greet meeting. After introductions, we asked the blessing, and enjoyed a delicious buffet. Then on to the important things--writing! It wasn't strange or unusual for our talk to center on writing. It's our favorite topic.

It was exciting to hear everyone's progress (some of those present were published. Yeah! Some have agents.) and the great diverse ideas being plotted from different brains. We ranged from regency historical set in England to western historical, German Baptist stories, suspense, romance, childrens, women's fiction, and probably a lot of other ideas germinating in creative minds.

We discussed a few problems we have and how we deal with them. We talked about getting ideas and how we carried them out. We discussed agents and editors, and what we liked or disliked about different publishers. We passed on encouragement and praise. We talked about our upcoming ACFW conference in Minnesota this year.

We explained how our close-at-home writing groups work (or don't work) and what a help it is when they do. We teased each other, laughed, listened, loved, and had the great kind of fun together that only another writer understands.

We argued (agreeably) why some of us wrote what and how we do. Why it works for us. Why we like and want to write certain things.

Two middle graders were with us for the first time and we encouraged and listened to their dreams and thoughts about writing. Three new people who haven't yet joined our group were welcomed and encouraged to become a part.

Donna won the book give-away (even though I tried every which way to get it! Laugh!)

Happy sigh. I'm looking forward to more rewarding days like this. I needed this day. It was an encouragement when discouragement about my writing has been nibbling at my heels.


Trouble shared is troubled halved. --Dorothy Salyers


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