Thursday, September 04, 2008

Strange and Wonderful Things

A couple of fun and strange things happened recently in my life.

Hubby and I like to share when we see wild animals, shooting stars, rainbows, etc., so when he stepped in the house the other day and said there were TWO red-headed woodpeckers in the same tree, I headed for the door to see for myself.

Sure enough, about five or six feet, one above the other, the two birds were pecking away industriously. We stood there sharing the moment and enjoying their busyness. Just a moment in time they we can remember.

Another day, Taffy, our Jack Russell, had been left outside. We have floor to wherever tall windows, and sometimes the animals (the ones not tied up) will stand at one of them and stare in trying to make me feel guilty for enjoying the air condition inside while they're outside, I suppose. Anyway. Taffy stared inside, unbeknownst to me.

Noah, who was inside at the time began barking. I was in the kitchen but went to see what he wanted. He looked at me, then at the window.

I ignored him. A little while later, he did it again.

I let Taffy in and that was the end of that. Noah was letting me know that I'd better let his little bossy friend in. That I'd forgotten her and I'd better do something about it.

She might be very annoying to him (he'll lift his paw at her to keep her in line), but he loves her.

Animals and nature are strange and wonderful things. Keeps you interested and expectant.

What will happen tomorrow?

Fear is the prison of the heart. --Anonymous


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