Friday, September 26, 2008

Wowie and Zowzie!

What a conference! This year's writing conference was one of the best I've attended for ACFW. Here are some good stuff I liked:

  • reconnected with old friends
  • met some new ones
  • talked with some people I've been too shy to talk to before
  • Had TWO people in our state group that one awards. Isn't that amazing?
  • Had ONE critique partner final in a contest.
  • Had a fun and entertaining breakfast with my literary agency and some of their clients (including me, of course!)
  • Met with SIX editors. Whooeee! That is outstanding.
  • Had FOUR of them request samples.
  • Went through a depressing time while there, but with God's help and prayer from friends, pulled out of it. I should know by now that God doesn't fail; I just have to leave it all in His hands and for His timing!!
  • Loved the class sessions I attended.
  • Wasn't too nervous talking with editors.
  • Gave up time talking with one editor so a sweet friend could have that special time. It all worked out anyhow.
  • Learned a few things.
  • Was able to brainstorm with hubby about a novel we may do together on the way home.
  • Received some affirmation on my writing
  • Learned that in the end it all comes down to doing what my heart and gut feeling says.
  • Came away feeling re-energized to keep on.
  • Came away feeling more than ever before that I must have God's anointing and timing for my career in writing. It's all about Him.
  • Had a chorus replay in my mind since leaving. Re-learned that God is my all in all, my shelter, my everything.
  • THINK I've become brave enough to enter the contest year. Still searching on that one. LOL
Perhaps more later.

A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds. --Francis Bacon


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