Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Working With . . .

Beginning writers.

I've been thinking about offering my services to amateur writers. Not sure how to approach it.

Perhaps as a limited free service such as a chapter every week for a month (3 months, or even 6 months).

Or perhaps a one time offer to critique a chapter.

I'd like to give back to beginning writers, and this has always seemed like something I'd like to do in a limited fashion.

I wouldn't want to be tied down forever, but within reasonable lengths it could be beneficial to some and satisfactory to me.

I know the two girls locally that I've mentored have come an impressive ways toward publication. One even had an editor request a manuscript.

Whatever I decide, whatever the future holds as far as what I can give back, I want to begin soon. We'll see what happens.

Just as a heads-up: Linore Rose Burke will be the featured author on my blog on Christmas Day. Those who comment AND get a friend (relative, someone) else to do so also, will win a very nice gift. She's a very talented author. I'm impressed with her writing. Watch for more info.

Man lives by praise. Most of us would rather be hurt by flattery as helped by criticism. --Lawrence J. Peter


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