Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas is Comin'

And have I been a good girl?

Well, I don't know about that. I think I have. Decent at least, well, better than some. Okay, I've been okay.

So, can I make my wish list?

If I could have whatever I wanted, this would be some material things:

  • A new digital camera
  • my jeep fixed
  • a new computer
  • a new laptop
  • some traveling time where I could relax, write, and perhaps visit a few quiet places

But my supreme wish is: to be published. I'd give all of the previous listed stuff up just to be able to say, "I'm published."

I know "they" say it's all in God's timing. And I know that too. I try to keep it in mind, especially when my anxiousness tries to get the upper hand. Or when my sense of urgency says, now or never. After all, when did those two birds ever know anything, right?

And it's not like I haven't honed my craft, spent days at conferences, researched the market, and studied, written in genre's that's not my thing--usually, and struggled through hundreds of mind-blocks.

It's not as if I haven't bearded the dreaded lions (uhm, editors and agents and all those real people) in their dens. And seriously, they are people. Some are harder to talk to than others, but most are seriously interested in finding that next manuscript that will fit their house.

I mean, after all, who wants to sit for days at a time listening to eager, pushy writers who all think they have the next best thing to a best seller; writers who are willing to give you (the editor) a chance on publishing this novel, because it's really going to hit it big. I mean, do you want to miss this chance?

Fat chance.

Only an editor will endure all that stuff and love it.

But I digress.

Back to my wish list.

So, if I could have the one thing that supercedes everything else materially that I wish for, it would be being published.

Of course, I may not know whereof I'm wishing. "They" tell me it only gets harder.

  • You have to worry (if you are a worrier) that after this contract you may not get another one.
  • You have to market, market, MARKET (did I mention market?), and it never gets finished?
  • You have deadlines, those dreaded things.
  • You're suddenly feeling very competitive to come up with the next great plot.

Irregardless. Let me be published and I promise I'll give up the rest.

At least until afterwards. (snicker!)


I know so many writers who are a hundred times better than me and have longer, greater ideas than mine, but they gave up; they stopped. The biggest talent you can have is determination. Do you use the writing process as your ongoing excuse to keep exploring the world, meeting people, and learning things? If you can do that, then the writing itself will be its own payoff and reward. --Chuck Palakniuk


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