Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Can't Change the World

In the Snoopy cartoons, at Christmas time, Charlie Brown is upset at all the commercialism going on. He's so discouraged, that he begins to believe that everything he touches or does, goes bad or wrong.

So what bothers you about our Christmas season? About our celebration?

I can tell you what I fight against:

The stress.


Every year, beginning in November, it starts piling up.

There are (tons of) cards to send.
There are Christmas programs and plays to attend.
There's shopping to do.
There are crowds to avoid.
There's the worry of getting 'just the right thing.'
Traffic is heavy.
Weather is bad.
Dinners to attend, prepare, plan.
Homes to clean.
Decorations to arrange.
Keeping a budget.
Gift exchanges.

And whatever else is on your list.

Do I hate these things?

I love them. Enjoy them. Anticipate them coming.

What is it then that causes me to feel Monster Stress attacks?
Too much of a good thing.

Several years ago, I purposed to cut back, to do less, to attend fewer.
And it helped. But it's an ever-encroaching thing to fight back doing that one (or more) thing too much.

I love Christmas. But give me simple. Give me homespun. Quiet. Peaceful. Relaxing. Laughter. Joy. Worship.

That is the secret to a real Christmas. Keeping Christmas in my heart in a way that is meaningful and real to ME.

Merry Christmas!

When some folks begin to agree with my opinions, I begin to suspect I'm wrong. --Kin Hubbeard


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