Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Meeting

Went to a COFW writing meeting Saturday. I loved it! Friendly people, lots of interesting things, and an terrific speaker who's published over 50 books.

Some fun stuff:
  • celebration with chocolate and cute gifts when writers share their triumphs!
  • sympathy shared with chocolates and cute gifts when rejections are experienced
  • enthusiasm over an upcoming writing retreat at a cool location
  • Brownies! (sold for donations towards those with writing financial needs
  • collections for military troops
  • Wonderful speaker with down-to-earth topics
  • Lots of friendly people

Since I have to travel about an hour and half, I'd thought about attending every other month or so. Hmm. Now, I might have to adjust that some. Not sure if I want to miss that many!!

Gonna share some writers' quotes for a few weeks. Enjoy!
Writing is most of all an exercise in determination! --Tom Clancy



Daniel and Regina said...

sounds like you had a great day. have another great one today. :)

Jenn said...


You are welcome to add my site to your blog. I'm not too good at computer stuff, but I'll try to get your blog on my page too. Rick is always having to help me with techno stuff.

It was great to see you at Matt's wedding.

Caroline said...

Thank you both!

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