Thursday, March 26, 2009


Tons of things to make one think Spring is here. Some that catch my notice:

A man out mowing his grass
Frogs croaking in my garden pond
Early spring flowers pushing up the dirt--and blooming!
Crocus' up!
Daffodils up!

Leaves on the trees
A feeling in the air
Stores with spring gear
First uses of the grill

Cleaning up the remnants of winter
Uncovering newborn garden growth
Onion sets in the stores
Good-looking lawn decorations appearing

Warm, cold, warm, cold, warm, cold . . . oops, spring is here!
Rainy April approaching
Moody March almost over
Kids in mud puddles
Rain gear in use
Colorful umbrellas hovering over humans

Beautiful spring.

Books are not written, they are rewritten. --Michael Crichton


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