Saturday, December 05, 2009

Special People

One of the highlights of my year! Meeting Diana Flegel, my literary agent.

She's just as wonderful as she sounds over the phone.
Knowlegeable, interested, concerned and prayerful about her clients and their work, fun.

Two of my fellow writers: Max Lewis (in the middle--and he's not really, uh, as snobbish as he looks--snicker--he just had a time getting the rest of us to behave.) His very sweet wife, Valerie, on the end in the white sweater, Connie Cameron between them, wonderful Diana on the end, with me between Max and her.

Books galore from authors like Tamela Murray Hancock and Doug Varrieur and Connie Cameron. Topics like the market, and critique groups, and research. That subject took us down the trail of dogs, but we managed to curb our ever present curiosity. We even got in some critiquing and brainstorming over Connie's newest project--and is it an exciting topic! Can't wait to see it in print.

And, of course, we had some of Tim Horton's famous and delicious coffee, and muffins of each individual choice (although certain people who shall remain nameless, deviously got samples of two different types of muffins by ingeniously cutting them in halves. Hmmm).
  • Max writes suspense.
  • Connie is a superb and published nonfiction author.
  • Valerie is a supportive wife. Smile
  • Me, you all KNOW what I write. (That's what comes of having somewhere to talk, I mean write, what I want)
  • And Diana. Our agent. The best.

A fun, meaningful day.



Cindy Thomson said...

Connie is a friend of mine. We used to attend the same local writers group and I've done a book signing with her. She is such a sweetheart. Is she signed with Diana also? Next time you see her tell her I said hello!

Diana said...

That was such a fun day! What a privilege for me to represent such a talented group. Face to face encounters are so important and this was a very special time. Hope to do it again:-)Maybe it could be a once a year trek?

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