Thursday, June 24, 2010

Review of CJ Darlington's
Thicker Than Blood

From the cover:
Christy Williams never imagined that a Hemingway first edition would lead her back to the sister she left fifteen years ago. But when things being to unravel, she finds herself on May's doorstep, fearing for her life.

After a bittersweet reunion, will te two discover that some hurts can't be healed, or is there a tie that's thicker than blood?

My thoughts:
Great beginning. In fact, the whole book kept my attention. I loved the sitting-on-the-edge-of-my-seat feeling that it gave me. Although not a suspense book, a hint of that prevailed throughout the book.

Christy's faulty personality and sinful life was very real and interesting. Yet something inside her craved a better life. Her own efforts at making a good life for herself might have worked had she not given in to the vices that defeated all her purposes to succeed. Those same vices, and some real misjudgements in other people, led her to an unevitable failure.

In all that, God answered her sister, May's prayers, by leading and creating a desire in Christy's heart to see May again. Once there, it was a matter of time, before Christy's eyes and heart were opened to the Word of God and his love for her.

There was little real romance in the book, but a great women's fiction book. I urge you to check out this book and see for yourself the reality of God's mighty ability to help the hopeless. You'll not be disappointed in CJ's debut book!



Linda Glaz said...

Sounds wonderful.

Caroline said...

It is!

C.J. Darlington said...

Thanks so much for reviewing my novel. I really appreciate it and am glad you liked it. :)

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